Traunstein – Hiking with a view

Traunstein – Hiking with a view

Long, strenuous but beautiful – that’s how a hike to the Traunstein (1691m) in Austria can be described. In this post you will learn why the Traunstein is definitely worth a hike.

Ausblick auf den Traunsee

The Traunstein is the largest – although not measured by meters.
The Traunstein characterizes the Salzkammergut skyline from the north with its comparatively modest altitudes of 1691 m. Due to the fantastic view, it became one of the most popular tourist and hiking destinations in Upper Austria.
There are different trails to the summit of Traunstein.
We decided to go the „Naturfreundesteig“ uphill and went downhill via „Mairalm“.

traunstein wanderung

Ascent via Naturfreundesteig 

From the parking lot follow the road along the Traunstein through the tunnel and find the starting point on the left in front of the bridge over the Lainaubach creek, after passing the second tunnel . The first few meters after the starting point are pretty strenuous and give you an idea of what is waiting for your at the more difficult parts of the hike.

But don’t worry, not all the way up to the summit is as strenuous as the beginning. The trail up to the summit constantly changes from easy to more strenuous. It contains everything from well-secured parts over only slightly ascending gravel roads to easy climbing passages.

What the different passages all have in common, is the fantastic view over the Traunsee.
When we were there, the climb took us a bit longer than planned, as we constantly took photos and enjoyed the wonderful panorama.
That’s why you should definitely take your camera with you!
(Plus space on your memory card and a full battery! 😉 )

Wanderung Traunstein

The first possibility to eat something is the Traunsteinhaus. Of course, you always have the great view over the lake in front of you.
Approximately 20 minutes later you can enjoy a refreshment at the Gmundnerhütte before you reach the summit of the Traunstein.

Another tip from me: In my opinion you get the best pictures during the hike to the Traunstein not at the summit. So do not necessarily save the entire space on your camera for the summit 🙂

Jause Traunstein Wanderung auf den Traunstein Wanderung auf den Traunstein

The descent

Downhill you can either return via the Naturfreundesteig, the Hernlersteig or like we did via the Mairalmsteig.

Depending on the weather – maybe you want to jump into lake Traunsee after your hike, so make sure to bring a towel and a change of clothes with you.

Better not taking any risk

As serious accidents occur nearly every year on the Traunstein you have to know that you should have some hiking experience and surefootedness. Please be careful all the time and do not walk the trails in case of wetness or snow.

It is also possible to do a 2-day-tour. You can spend the night in both of the mentioned mountain bothies.

A few things to know

Height rise
1270 m

about 6,5 hours

Length of trail
11 km

Best season
June – October

Height starting point

Trekking shoes and clothes

I’ve bougth my shoes and bag on Amazon and I am super happy with it so if you also need anything – here are the affiliate links.
Deuter bag

You would love to go hiking, but you think the Traunstein isn’t the right mountain for you?
Then you may like this tour:
Wanderung auf den Gipfel des Hochmölbing (2336m) (English version coming soon)

I would be happy if you would leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve ever been on the Traunstein and if you liked my article. 🙂

Ausblick Traunstein


3 Kommentare

  1. Carmine
    04/30/2018 / 14:32

    hi. great article! my wife and i are thinking todo this hike this coming weekend. is it too early? and do u need special gear apart from hiking boots to climb this? looks amazing!

  2. Chris Hearn
    06/21/2018 / 12:02

    Every time I visit my daughter at the Rosenhof in Ebensee I look out over to the tantalsing peak of the Traunstein but time and circumstances have been against me on each visit but I am hopeful that this July time and weather will allow me to savour the mountain close up!!
    Your photos and script have further wet my appetite to experience the mountain and especially its setting.

  3. Bryan Crawford
    09/09/2020 / 23:16

    We were inspired by what you wrote about the Traunstein and it has been on my „To Do“ list for over 20 years.
    Today my 16 year old son and I went up with the Naturfreundsteig and came down with the Mairalmsteig route just as you suggested. It was a great day. A little info that may be appreciated by other readers:
    As the parking fills up quickly an early start is really better. We arrived at 08:00 with the main parking already full. From where we parked it was a 20 minute walk back to the start point (where there are public WC facilities)
    There is also a shuttle bus service from Gmunden.
    On the road between the start point and the Naturfreundsteig entrance there is a water point.
    On the Naturfreundsteig there is no water access.
    On the Mairalmsteig route there is water access half an hour down from the top.

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