Dolomitensteig – A view like in Canada

Dolomitensteig – A view like in Canada

A trail with a marvellous view as far as you can see. Waterfalls, narrow trails and blue sky – that’s my memory of the Dolomitensteig.

View Dolomitensteig

It wasn’t my own idea to go for a hike in the Dolomitensteig this time. A female co-worker told me about it and after I saw her photos on Facebook I couldn’t wait to hike there myself. (And I did so… only a week or two later)

I also allowed my boyfriend Flo to come with me, otherwise he had to sit at home all alone 😀
Just kidding – I need him to be my navigation system as I have a real bad sense of orientation.
I guess I would have been lost anywhere without him.

Anyway, we drove to Hinterstoder and had an awesome day there.

Dolomitensteig hutDolomitensteig trail

Where to start the Dolomitensteig?

Starting point is an inn called Almgasthof Baumschlagerreith.

From the stable building next to the inn you turn on a forest path, which leads slightly ascending into a forest. After about 800 meters leave the forest road and follow a trail into a natural slope. Shortly afterwards you can see a creek, which you have to cross and continue on the trail. Not long afterwards, the creek has to be crossed again and then continue your way with a steep ascent (serpentine road) through a beech – fir forest.

Dolomitensteig Austria Dolomitensteig

The trail continues flat along the slope before it becomes steeper. From the top you can see a hut called Loegerhuette on the Dolomitensteig. This hut is an ideal place for having a snack, since you have already managed all the way uphill. (Finally! 🙂 ) The view up there reminds me of Canada. (Honestly, I’ve never been there yet, but in my imagination it looks like this view)
One mountain peak after another. Incredibly beautiful!

Continue along the trail towards Schwarzgrabenbach (creek). You will find more and more parts of the trail secured by ropes now.

And now downhill again

Downhill you walk through bushy mountain pines to Poppensand.
This is the name of a steep scree, from which the trail continues on a forest road back to the starting point.
It’s a wrap!

Downhill hike

I cannot only recommend the Dolomitensteig because of the beautiful mountain panorama, but also because of the idyllic pastures and the wild rocks. Simply a good mix of everything.
Dolomitensteig definitely gets a thumbs up! 😉

A few things to know

Starting point
Almgasthof Baumschlagerreith  in 4573 Hinterstoder
about 720 – 1420 m
4-5 hours
9 km
Please note
Der Dolomitensteig ist aus jagdwirtschaftlichen Gründen vom 15. September bis 1. Oktober jedes Jahr gesperrt. Bei Schnee und eisigen Verhältnissen sollte man den Weg ebenfalls meiden.

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Now I have another tour for you if you already know Dolomitensteig
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I would be happy if you would leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve ever been hiking in Hinterstoder or maybe you even know the Dolomitensteig. 🙂


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